Custom Ducati Leather Suit

Ducati Corse is a racing team by Ducati that competes in MotoGP and Superbike Championship. This team has raced including some of the greatest riders of all the time as Casey Stoner, Carl Fogarty, and Troy Bayliss. In 2007, their rider Casey Stoner achieved the World MotoGP champion title.

All the Ducati racers have great fandom and the people always shouting their name in their hearts who want to have their own Ducati leather suit. Many companies make these apparels and provide Ducati leather suits all around the world. However, if you want the best custom Ducati leather suit, you need to visit the highly reputed online store Leather Collection. They provide suits with competitive quality with most features and very affordable prices.

Where to buy Kawasaki racing suit?

Kawasaki Heavy Industries is a large manufacturing company working on the production of motor industries. They have their own racing team for WSBK called KTR (Kawasaki Racing Team). Famous riders like Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes have been the part of it. Leon Haslam will join the team for the 2019 season.

Big teams have big fans and in most significant numbers. KTR racers too are well known and celebrated racers so the fans and the people who follow them want the Kawasaki racing suit just like them. There are a lot of places to get your own replica of your favorite racers suit, but if you are not careful, you can just waste your money. Leather Collection provides the racing suits with CE approved safety, high-quality leather, and very affordable price. You can order now only by visiting their online store.

What to wear under motorcycle leather suit?

For cold weather:

If you are wearing a motorcycle leather suit, you won’t need much of extra insulation as leather is an entirely windproof material and will keep the cold air out and you will stay warm. A simple insulation shirt will work just fine. Thermal socks for feet and thermal gloves for hands and you will ride smoothly through the heavy freezing air.


Summer can be exceedingly annoying for a rider wearing the motorcycle leather suit. The sweat and the heat make it hard to keep yourself maintained and fresh. Your socks, the shirt you are going to wear under, underwear and the socks must be made of moisture-wicking material. Moisture-wicking clothes take the sweat and moisture away from your body and are necessary if you want to stay cool during your ride.

Best Valentino Rossi clothing 2017

Valentino Rossi is one of the greatest riders that have ever raced around the world. He is the 2nd in the racers who won the most MotoGP championships, first among the riders who started most races and the rider with most wins in the history of MotoGP. Rossi, not only is a great rider, but he is also a great human with a charismatic personality that has won millions of hearts. He has many fans that want Valentino Rossi clothing for themselves.

Motorbike lovers and motorbike riders who admire Valentino Rossi want to ride in the outfit as same as their ideal rider’s. However, they don’t look for the costume only, but they want a complete suit that has a comfortable design and full protection to keep them safe on the road or a race field. Many manufacturers make that, but the prices are sky high, and sometimes quality doesn’t match your standards. Leather Collection makes the best suit with comparative quality and prices that are entirely affordable.

Honda racing suit for sale!

Honda is one of the leading manufacturers of motorbikes and motor vehicles active since 1946. They found their racing division called Honda Racing Corporation on September 1st, 1982. They engage in world-class races with their superlative machines. Famous riders like Valentino Rossi, Nicky Hayden, Max Biaggi, Leon Haslam and other racers have been the part of their Honda Repsol team. All of them have their Honda racing suits.

As MotoGP and SBK are the favorite sport among all over the world, and Honda Repsol is one of the most celebrated teams, the demand of Honda racing suits is high. People who love MotoGP and SBK will want the costumes of their favorite riders for themselves. These Honda racing suits are available for sale at Leather Collection with competitive quality among the most celebrated brands of the world and meager prices.


How to measure for leather race suit?

Motorcycle racing is a fast sport. Riders need to go to extreme limits to win the races. That races can be risky enough and even sometimes lethal if performed unprepared. A leather race suit with a complete racing gear is a must wear to reduce the risk of the injury to the lowest point.

To avail your suit with full utility, the suit needs to be a perfect fit. Too loose will be unable to keep the armor in place and compromise your safety. The too tight suit will make movement difficult and affect the performance in a not so good way.

You will need to take all the measurements correctly. Here’s how you’ll have to do it:


A: Height: Stand still next to a wall, put a ruler horizontally over you with the wall and mark that point. Then measure the length between the mark and the floor.

B: Neck: Take a skin-tight measurement around your neck just below Adam’s apple.

C: Sleeve: Keep your arm relaxed with elbow slightly bent, measure from the point of shoulder, and down outside of arm past elbow to wrist.

D: Chest: Take this measurement just below your breasts under arms firmly to the body.

E: Breasts (for women): Measure at the fullest part of your chest (across your nipples) under the arms, tightly around the body.

F: Waist: Take this measurement around your body at the natural waist level.

G: Hips: Measure around your hips and buttocks at their widest point, make sure the tape is not restrictive.

H: Inseam: Measure from the lowest part of the crotch, down to the ankle bone keeping the measuring tape tight.


Yamaha racing suit for sale!

Yamaha is a highly reputed manufacturer in the motor industries active since 1955. They have their motorcycle racing team that participate in World Grand Prix Motorcycle racing championship since 2002 every year. The team members have been great names such as Valentino Rossi, Maverick Viñales, Jorge Lorenzo, Ben Spies, and other celebrated riders as well.

            Just like other sports, the MotoGP participants have their suits that indicate their teams, numbers, and identity. Yamaha racing suit of Valentino Rossi and other riders are made by many leather racing manufacturers in the world including a reputed online store Leather Collection.

            On Leather Collection you can avail leather suits of competitive quality with strong CE approved safety and comfortable design for highly affordable prices compared to other manufacturers of the same standards.

Custom Bike Leathers Made to Measure

When you go to the market to buy some clothing, the first thing you always have in mind is to get a perfect fit. The leather is a material that doesn’t stretch much so the exact size that matches your body is necessary or your product can go waste. When you spend so much money, you will want something that is entirely made up to your desire. Made to measure custom leathers will help you just fine with that.

            Made to measure custom leathers are made after measuring the body size in maximum ways available around so your leathers will fit as they are made especially for you, which they are. Custom leathers also provide maximum customization options other than size, which includes favorite color, the leather of your choice, optional perforations, additional safety, and more.

            You can get full customized leathers at Leather Collection as they provide most customization options as well as very affordable prices and faster production and delivery.

Motorbike Suit for Sale!!!

Motorbike riding is a lot more dangerous than driving other vehicles as the motorbike rider doesn’t have safety of a cabin over him. The only thing between him and the accident is a complete racing suit and protective gear.

A motorbike suit is made of high-quality leather that has a strong resistance against abrasions and cuts. Motorbike suits have built-in safety as protective leather with extra layers and CE approved external safety.

World-class quality leather suits are available for sale at Leather Collection. You can buy them on their online store exceptionally discounted prices.

Why wear motorcycle leathers?

Motorcycle rider is always in the open atmosphere and while there are big chances of an accident, rider’s well being can be in a danger. Here comes motorcycle leathers. Motorcycle leathers are practically the only best thing standing between motorist and injury.

                First of all, Motorcycle suits are made of leather which is a sturdy material that has a strong resistance against abrasions, cuts, and tears. Motorcycle leathers have built-in protective armor on the parts that are most vulnerable to injuries caused by impact.

                Motorcycle leathers are very useful in intense weather as well. In winters the leather keeps the cold air out and keeps the body warm. They can also be made comfortable for summer if made of perforated skin.

                Life of the riders is precious, and they can never compromise on their safety. A rider always has to wear his leathers with proper armor to prevent severe injury and reduce the threat to a minimum level.