How much does a MotoGP suit cost?

Every MotoGP race involves a significant as the riders have to reach the highest limits of speed to compete and win. At any moment, the rider can face a collision, crash or drag which can prove lethal if the rider hasn’t taken care of his protective gear. The human life is important. To protect it, a rider must go into the field with a suit with complete protection and proper safety gear.

            MotoGP suits are made of high-quality leather that has a high resistance against abrasions, cuts, and tear. On the critical parts of the body (the ones that are most likely to get wounded during a crash or drag) there are additional layers of protective leather. All the safety equipment is CE approved (if not, the suit is not safe). The whole structure is designed very carefully after the engineering performed by experts, which results in a massive cost too.

            Usually, for a MotoGP suit manufacturer cost up to 3000 USD and added customization, they can cross even 5000 bucks. Whereas the reputed online store Leather Collection makes and sells suits for very modest prices which are near only 800 USD.

            Another good news: Leather Collection offers free shipping on all the orders above $750.

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