Washing a Motorcycle Leather Suit

Time affects everything. So does the dust, and rain, and mud, and many other things. Sweat adds up, too. These are all the things you can face when you are on the field. Your Leather racing suit protects you from that. Doing so, it suffers all that itself.


Leather racing suits need proper care for the elegant look and prolonged life. Because after all, it is skin, and just like your skin, it will dry and crack if it is not cleaned and conditioned for an elegant look and prolonged life.


Warning: Never wash leather products. Washing can shrink them probably two sizes down, and you will not be able to stretch them back as they were.

There are some steps to clean your suit safely. Let’s have a brief look:


Cleaning the dust, is the first:

                Well, it’s not only the dust you might need to clean. There can be dead bees, rain-stains, mud and other kinds of dirt too. You need a handful of things which are:

a)      A soft towel.

b)      A bucket of warm water (not hot)

c)       Soap (preferably the one you use in the shower or some baby soap.)

Put a hanger in your leather suit and hang it someplace where you can quickly turn it around. Mix the soap mildly in water, soak the soft towel in it. Start wiping the suit until all the dust, mud or dirt has been removed.


Dry in open:

After cleaning, put your motorcycle leather suit in an open and airy (but safe) place and let it take its time to dry fully. Never dry it with any heat source tool, it will over dry the suit and make the leather crack.


Condition with care:

                Leather is an organic material and just like our head skin or merely the skin, needs proper conditioning for the long life, and elegant polished look. A lot of leather conditioners are available in the market. For example, Lexol and Leather Honey.

                Start applying the conditioner with a soft towel to all over the suit. Pay attention to seams and stitches as they are more likely to crack. Once all done, remove the excessive conditioner with a dry cloth or towel. Then hang it to dry, preferably overnight.


You can also email on our helpline for further help at leather@leathercollection.com.

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